Digital Printing Versus Screen Printing: Which Is Right For Your Project?

Choosing the right printing method is an essential part of getting the results you desire when printing everything from business cards to vinyl wall decor. By taking the time to explore both the pros and cons that come along with digital printing and screen printing processes, you will be able to determine which of these printing methods is best suited to the particular needs of your upcoming project.

Digital Printing

Digital printing uses computer software programs to set up your printing job. As a result, this printing method can be executed quickly without the need for time-consuming manual setup. This allows printing companies to offer digital printing services without the need to institute a minimum order requirement. This means that you can use digital printing services to print a single item or to print thousands.

The use of computer software also allows digital printers to capture far more detail than can be captured using other forms of printing. This makes digital printing ideal for use in printing photographs and other images that include many small details.

Since digital printers rely on a mechanical arm to feed the canvas or paper through the printer, the types of materials that can be printed on using this method are typically limited to flat surfaces. Digital printing will also limit the color choices that you have, as many printers are only capable of mixing the colors which are included in their corresponding software.

Screen Printing

Screen printing works by using a series of screens to carefully apply multiple layers of ink to a surface until the desired image is created. This printing process requires custom screens to be made for each printing job and can be both time consuming and labor intensive to set up. Consequently, most screen printing companies will require you to order a minimum number of prints in order to justify the set up of a new screen printing job.

While screen printing may take a considerable amount of time to set up, the printing process itself is rather fast once the printing press has been prepared. This fact allows for the rapid printing of hundreds or even thousands of items. This can be quite beneficial for companies who are looking to print their logo on a wide variety of canvases.

Since the ink that is used in screen printing is manually mixed and applied, it is possible to create virtually any color using this printing method. You will also be able to print on a much wider range of canvases, including curved surfaces, since the item being printed can be manually manipulated by the printer.

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