3 Easy Ways To Get Out Of The Box With Your Business Card Design

There are few marketing ploys quite as effective as a business card, in spite of the fact that a lot of advertising as the consumer knows it has gone digital. However, bringing the business card up to speed with the rest of the world is all about forgetting the traditional, card stock rectangular design. If you are in the process of designing new business cards for your services or company, there are a few things that you can do to step out of the box and get away from the boring old business cards you have used in the past.

Opt for an Abnormal Material

Make your business card memorable and visually interesting by shying away from traditional paper materials during the design process. Business cards can be created with stretchy rubber, clear plastic, or even something edible if you really want to get creative as someone in the food business.

Think About Function

Business cards often don't make it very far before they are tossed aside or tucked away in the back of a wallet or purse. Give your potential customers something to really remember you by with a business card that not only gives them company information, but can be useful beyond that as well. Business cards can be designed in so many useful and interesting ways. A landscaper could have a card composed of biodegradable materials that actually holds tiny seeds inside so that the card can be planted. A contractor could offer a business card created from metal that doubles as a small ruler.

Step Way Out of the Box

If you really want to change things up with your business cards, forget the squared shapes you have ordered in the past. No one ever said that business cards have to be a rectangle. In fact, why not get a little creative and offer up something totally different that is anything other than rectangular and basic. Business cards could be an array of different shapes, from circles to stars and everything in between. Think about shapes that represent your business. For example, if you are a locksmith, you could offer key-shaped cards or as a pastry chef, a donut-shaped card could be a lot of fun.

When you hand off a business card to a customer, it is always important to make sure they get the intended information. However, giving information no longer has to be boring and generic. Check with a local printing company, like Print Source, about all of the different ways you can make your business cards more exciting.