Printed Marketing Products That Can Still Benefit Your Business

Although online marketing has become a huge source of revenue for many businesses, old-fashioned print marketing and advertising will never truly die. However, if you want your color print marketing materials to stand out, you have to offer something that your customers will truly want or with which they will engage. The following printed products are three of the most popular, and still effective, printed marketing tools.

Loyalty Cards

If you shop for groceries or eat out, you're likely already the owner of a loyalty card. These old-fashioned printed marketing items have been around for over 30 years and a recent study found that 88% of people in America own at least one loyalty card and regularly use them to make their shopping decisions.

What makes these simple items so popular? They reward customers for staying loyal, either through discounted prices on select items or with free services. Complex loyalty card systems even have websites where customers can track their "points' and see which rewards they're eligible to claim.

Printed Booklets

Online information remain popular, because they're easy to find and usually easy to read. However, printed booklets still offer a high marketing return for the savvy businessman. Printed booklets have a variety of benefits that online guides simply lack.

These printed booklet marketing benefits include

  • Fine tuned towards a specific market, not the entire Internet
  • Easy to hand out
  • Builds a tangible relationship with customers
  • Easier to read than online guides that include too much content
  • Can be read at any time and by anybody, even those that lack Internet

While you should never ignore the raw numbers of people that truly great Internet content can reach, you should never underestimate the power of printed booklets.

Free Company Newsletter

Although online company newsletters are popular, a real newsletter is still a good marketing tool. Why? Because it's physical and tangible. It's something that a customer can hold and see without a computer. There's no guarantee that a customer looks at an e-mailed newsletter, but if they're holding a copy in their hand, it'll be harder to deny its presence.

Get the most marketing might out of your physical company newsletter by following these basic design tips:

  • Create useful content, such as how-to guides, that they will want to read
  • Offer tips that truly benefit their lives, such as free recipes or DIY projects
  • List upcoming events at your business which they may be interested in attending, such as concerts or fairs

Offering this information in an attractive, well-designed booklet will draw your customers' eyes and engage their mind. Even better, it will make your company stand out among your competitors.

Clearly, printed marketing items still have a time and a place in any successful businesses marketing scheme. If you are interested in trying out these marketing tools, why not call a color printing service like Spahr-Evans Printers? They specialize in designing and creating items just like this and will follow all your specifications to the "T."