Tips For Making Markdown Labels

If you are a store that prints your own labels, you are likely skilled at making labels for your products that look tasteful and blend with the packaging, all while telling the price of the product to the customer clearly. However, you might not know how to design and create labels for products that have been permanently marked down. Here are some tips for making markdown labels that are effective and will allow you to clear out your old stock as quickly as possible to make room for new stock. Read More 

Trade Show Promo Item Guide For A New Small Business

Preparing for your first trade show, especially if you are a new small business, means amassing suitable promotional materials. You will need both displays and things to hand out to attract customers. The following guide can help you make the right decision when ordering your promotional items. What is the purpose of the trade show? In most cases the true purpose of attending a trade show isn't to make any immediate sales or secure a long term client, but simply to get your name out there so you can use the weeks after the show to build your client list. Read More