Three Fun Ways Your Kids Can Make Use of Printing Services

A lot of times when people think of copy machines or printing services, they think of services for adults or businesses.  What they may not have guessed is that there are actually a variety of fun copy machine activities that kids can make use of!  Here are three fantastic and creative ideas for kids who want to have some fun with the copier.

1. Make a family or friends newsletter

This one is fun because a child can put his or her natural curiosity to good use.  Have your child ask friends or family members about their day and how their life has been going for them lately, or have them come up with interview questions to ask.  Later, you can help your child type these answers up and compile them into a newsletter.  Add a special cover, some graphics, and anything else to personalize it.  This can be saved onto a thumb drive—or one copy of the newsletter can be printed out—and you and your child can head to the print shop and make as many copies as you'd like to hand out to friends!

2. Make a poster

Here's one you probably can't do at home.  Thanks to printing services and special copiers you can turn just about any photo or picture into a poster for your child to hang up in his or her room, on the door, or anywhere else.  Even better, you can choose from a variety of custom sizes so the custom poster can fit anywhere you want.  What child wouldn't be happy to turn a piece of their own artwork into a gigantic poster?  This also makes a fantastic gift for friends and family members, so any child looking for the perfect personalized birthday present should take a look at designing their very own poster.

3. Make a coloring book out of custom art

Does your child love coloring books?  Why not have him or her try making her own?  Have them use a dark crayon or marker to draw their own pictures.  Then you can head over to the copy shop and use the copier to print out multiple copies of each picture.  Now he or she can color and re-color their own pictures as many times as they want.

Printing services like J M Todd Inc and copy machines aren't just for grown-ups after all.  All you need is a little bit of creativity and your kids can jump in on the fun as well with these fun and imaginative projects.  Happy copying!