2 Ways To Make Effective Direct Mail With Brochures

It is estimated that the budget for advertising in America saw an increase of 5.3 percent in 2014 to reach just over whopping $180 billion. Much of this money was invested into digital-related advertising and shows the growing trend of such media. However, the importance of direct mail should not be overlooked as it is suggested by researchers that tangible items that consumers can feel leave a more lasting brand impression on the minds of those you may be seeking to attract. This could be a great way for you to stand out among the crowd in making you business shine.

Considering that direct mail might now be considered the unique medium for advertising, here are two ways of ensuring that you can maximize on that 0.5 to 2 percent response rate that is generally considered to be good for business when using direct mail and custom brochure printing services.

Making a sensory impression

While digital media impresses on sight, sound and auditory functions, a custom-made brochure can appeal to all five senses. Capitalizing on the important sense of touch that digital cannot give is actually thought to appeal to at least 73 percent of consumers who indicated that they would read a brochure if it was sent to them. The use of the right words and pictures that can help to create customer experiences with your service or product could get the lasting impression you are seeking.

Brochures and other printed ads such as postcards and flyers can even more directly appeal to the target audiences through the sense of smell. This can be done by adding touches to the paper such as spraying the paper with cat nip for your target demographic of cats and cat lovers or using scents such as vanilla or citrus which appeal to both men and women and is associated with less stress and more productivity. Dogs may be a little harder to please as their favorite smells range from rot to meat. 

It's all in the mailing list

The cost of making a brochure and adding your custom touches to can start to add up, especially when you consider quality printing, quality paper and possible personal hand art. All these are dependent on the purpose for your brochure but, regardless of this, design cost can range from $30 to $600 unless you design it yourself. It is therefore important that your brochure be eye-catching enough and can make an emotional connection so that it ends up on a bulletin board for later use rather than in the paper recycling receptacle. 

To ensure that the cost does not become more of a liability than an asset to your business, sending brochures can be used as a way to reconnect with customers to reach customers that are difficult reach through digital means such as top executives and business owners. Using keywords such as "no-obligation," "free" or "call today" as well as making sure that you avoid spelling and typographical errors are important.