4 Tips For Designing Better Business Cards

While many business owners rely on the Internet for much of their advertising, business cards are still an essential thing to have. You can hand them out to friends and family when you start a new business, give them to people you meet in the same industry for networking, and send them with packages when a customer makes a purchase. The following tips will help you improve your business cards and have the best design possible.

Keep the Design Minimal

You need to find a balance between providing a unique design and using too many colors and fonts. It is a good idea to use more than one color and font size, but don't try to overdo it. It could become too crowded and busy if you are using five different colors and four font sizes and types. Try to keep the number of colors to a minimum, which will make it look more uniform. For your font, don't use more than about two or three sizes or styles.

Print Information on the Back

Don't forget about the back side of the business card, which can provide more space for entering additional information. This allows you to keep the front side from getting too crowded when you have a lot of info to include. Design the front with your basic information, such as your name, title, name of your business, phone number, and email address. The back side allows you to add a little more creativity, such as including images. You can also use it to add a coupon code for first-time customers.

Include Your Picture

One way to personalize a business card is by adding your picture to the front or back of the card. Many business owners and professionals shy away from this, but it can be a great tactic. Not only does it help take up more room if your information is a little scant, but it can liven up your card and make it stick out. You can bet people will remember you when your picture is right on the card.

Use High-Quality Cardstock

Your business card represents you and your business, and should give someone a great impression of you. If you use cheap cardstock that is flimsy and obviously made of poor quality materials, they won't have a good impression. However, if you can use a more interesting cardstock, such as a silk matte, it will most certainly stand out. It makes your card look more professional and shows you care enough to spend a little more.

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