Types Of Office Equipment You Can Rent

When you set up your office, you likely purchased all the best office equipment, but what if something breaks down? You might be in need of a printer or photocopy machine fast, but don't have the money or resources to purchase one brand new. There is always the option of renting office equipment on a temporary basis until you can either replace your broken one or have it repaired. Here are some types of equipment you can rent for your office.

Copiers and Printers

Most office equipment rental companies will offer a variety of photocopy machines and printers. Some photocopy machines also provide printing functions, depending on your needs and budgets. There are smaller laser or inkjet printers that can fit on your desk or a table, or you can choose a full-size printer. Full-size photocopy machines are good when you have bulk documents that need to be copied. In fact, you might find that even though you currently have a modest copier in your office, you need to rent a larger photocopy machine just for one project. This helps you manage your larger workload during peak times.

Fax Machines

Faxing doesn't happen quite as often in offices as it used to with the option of emailing documents to customers and clients. However, there are still instances when you need a fax machine for sending and receiving documents. If you don't have one or yours is faulty, you can rent one from an equipment rental business. Fax machine rentals are not only good for the office, but if you have a special event, such as a trade show. The one you have in your office might be a larger model, so you may want a compact fax machine just for a weekend at a trade show.

Document and Photo Scanners

Another piece of office equipment you may only need occasionally is a scanner. If your photocopy machine doesn't also provide scanning capabilities, it can help to rent one for certain projects. This allows you to get a scanner for when you need it, without spending a lot of money on something you don't use very often. There are scanners of different sizes, including large floor models and desktop models. Scanners should scan in both grayscale and color so that you can scan documents and photos for different types of projects.


You may also find a need to rent a computer if yours is being repaired. This is often necessary when you have a small office without spare computers to use. These equipment rental businesses should have both Mac computers and PCs, depending on your preference. You might be able to choose from a desktop or laptop as well. Contact a business, such as Office Products Services, if you are interested in renting equipment.