Professional Label Layout Design: How It’s Done

Before there were computers, there were graphic designers who poured over papers and card stock and used colored pencils or markers to create label layouts. While some graphic artists may still operate that way, it often does not translate well to printing services since printing services have also become digital. If you currently have need of a set of product labels for a new product, your labels will first undergo label layout design via computer. Here is how it is done and how you can be sure the labels meet your needs.

Size Specifications and Things to Include

When you order your labels from the graphic design and printing company, they will always ask about the specific size of the label and anything you want to include for graphics on it. The font and wording are also part of the design process, so do not forget to give these to the label layout team. Additionally, you will need to decide if you want wraparound labels with glued edges, self-adhesive labels or labels with glue on the back that will need to be moistened before they are adhered to your product. Once all of these options are and graphic design elements are selected, the team can begin building your labels.

Graphic Design Software in Action

Next, the design team will use graphic design software to select the label shape and size. It is similar to selecting a document shape and size in MS Word, except that you are creating a label and not a paper document. This software also pulls in some Photoshop elements, utilizing pictures or graphics imported from other sources. If you email the graphics you want to the design team, they will pull the graphics from your email and upload it to their design clipboards for use in the labels.  If you give them a paper drawing, they can scan the graphics and imaged into the computer and add them that way.

Pre-Approval and Label Proofs

Once the labels have been created, a mock-up of the label is sent via email or snail mail. You may also visit the graphic artists' office to view the labels' design to approve it. If it looks good and it is exactly what you want, you sign the acceptance contract and the labels go to print. If it does not look quite right, you circle or highlight the areas you want changed, explain to the graphic design team what you want changed and how you want it changed, then send it back to them/the drawing board. After these changes are made, you will be asked to check the label layout design again and approve or deny it for the printing press. Finally, the labels are printed and sent to you or to your product packaging company.