Two Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Copy Machine

Whether you own a business or simply work from home, a copier can play an important role in helping you get your job done.  The ability to simply push a button and generate multiple copies of documents or pictures is truly amazing.  However, if your copier breaks down, you could find yourself in a very tough situation.  This is especially true if you really need to get some things copied.  Instead of waiting until you're in an emergency situation, use this information to learn more about the signs that it's time to replace your copy machine.

Your Copier No Longer Gets Digital Updates

One of the telltale signs that it's time to get a new copier is when your current model no longer receives digital updates.  Digital updates come directly from the printer's manufacturer, and deliver important upgrades to the technology.

As long as your copier is online, it should automatically be receiving digital updates.  The updates help to improve speed, clarity and a number of other facets of the printer.  However, depending on which manufacturing company made your copier, after a time the device will no longer receive the updates.  This could be because the updates have progressed beyond the technology which makes up your copier and the device just can't process the changes.

When this happens, it's definitely time to get a new copier.  You wouldn't want to wait until you have a big copying project to tackle, only to find out that your machine isn't up for the task.  An added benefit of getting a new copier is that it may make copies much faster, and with greater definition.

Your Copier Gets Jammed Up Frequently

If you find that your copier is starting to get jammed up more frequently, it's time to think about replacing it.  Frequent jams mean that the device may be gradually breaking down until it reaches the point where it won't work at all.

When your copier gets jammed up all the time, it could mean that the drum is becoming warped.  This may happen as your machine ages, and it can be quite frustrating to realize that you have to stop and start your projects because the paper has become trapped again.

Heeding the signs is the key to knowing when it's time to get a new copier.  If any of these signs comes up, visit your local office supply store so you can see all the options available when you get a new copy machine. For assistance, talk to a professional like Computer & Printer Repair.