Tips For Making Markdown Labels

If you are a store that prints your own labels, you are likely skilled at making labels for your products that look tasteful and blend with the packaging, all while telling the price of the product to the customer clearly. However, you might not know how to design and create labels for products that have been permanently marked down. Here are some tips for making markdown labels that are effective and will allow you to clear out your old stock as quickly as possible to make room for new stock.

1. Choose a Color That Contrasts With Your Normal Labels, Or Use Red

The first thing that you want to do is choose a color that is going to stand out from your regular labels. The reason why you need to do this is to ensure that the markdown labels look suitably different than your regular labels. This will draw the eye of the customer to them and cause them to take notice of the lowered price, therefore increasing the chances that they will actually buy the product. The goal of the label and the markdown itself is to move old product off the shelves as quickly as possible. Making your labels noticeable will do this.

If you don't feel like choosing a contrasting color, go with red (unless your labels are red). Red is what many stores use for their labels, and customers are conditioned to see red labels and get a cheaper price.

2. Include the Old Price on the Label

You want to make sure that the label is big enough for you to include the old price on it. The reason for this is that it will further cause customers to purchase the marked down items. They will see that they are saving a certain percentage or a certain amount of money, and the product that was previously not worth the money will suddenly become and awesome deal. If you have extra room, consider including the amount of money that the customer would save or the percentage the customer would save. This will help add additional encouragement to your markdown label.

3. Choose a Clear Font

Finally, make sure that the font you choose for your labels is as clear as possible in order to ensure that customers are able to easily read the labels and figure out what they would save.

For more information, talk to a label manufacturer.