Single Or Double Labels On Your Bottles? Pros And Cons

The product labels on your bottles are an important part of not only convincing customers to buy them but also providing required and useful information. But should you use one single label or multiple? The answer depends on several factors. Here are a few of the pros and cons of both single and double labels.

Pros and Cons of Single Labels

Likely, the biggest upside to using just one single label on any product is reduced cost. You only have to design, execute, print, and attach one label. It also makes the product's appearance more simplistic, preventing the labels from overshadowing the look and feel of the product. Minimalism may help you stand out in a crowded visual market. 

Unfortunately, a single label doesn't always actually help keep things simple. If you need to — or want to — add more information, you may end up overfilling the label. This reduces the impact of all elements and may even frustrate or confuse buyers. Some retailers can adjust by limiting what they add or using interior product labels as well. But those in highly-regulated industries like food may not be able to. 

Pros and Cons of Multiple Labels

Most retailers start with a single label, but they add a second or third as more information is needed. A label in the back allows you to minimalize verbiage on the main label and avoid using tiny fonts and unintelligible designs. 

If you're on a tight budget or looking to reduce product costs, though, using a single label is probably better than using two or more on a single product. However, you can minimize the added cost of a second label by designing it using the same shape, size, and features as the main label to combine runs. 

The addition of more labels may also not work on every product. Narrow bottles or very wide ones may actually look better and achieve higher quality if you use one wrap-around label rather than stopping and starting individual ones. And the more space you have to work with, the more you may find yourself adding elements that may not be necessary or advantageous. 

Where to Learn More

Want to discuss the specific details of label design for your bottles or product packaging? Start by meeting with a label printing service in your area today. They will guide you through weighing these factors and more to find just the right style and quantity of labels for everything.