3 Digital Printing Concepts All Customers Need To Know

When discussing digital printing solutions with a professional, it's helpful to understand some of the basic concepts they're using. Here are three ideas that often dictate a lot of what happens when you have a digital printing project. Color Processes and Profiles One of the earliest decisions you'll have to make when doing printing work is what color-based process you wish to use. Color processes reflect the number of distinct types of inks used on a job. Read More 

Tips For Making Markdown Labels

If you are a store that prints your own labels, you are likely skilled at making labels for your products that look tasteful and blend with the packaging, all while telling the price of the product to the customer clearly. However, you might not know how to design and create labels for products that have been permanently marked down. Here are some tips for making markdown labels that are effective and will allow you to clear out your old stock as quickly as possible to make room for new stock. Read More 

Trade Show Promo Item Guide For A New Small Business

Preparing for your first trade show, especially if you are a new small business, means amassing suitable promotional materials. You will need both displays and things to hand out to attract customers. The following guide can help you make the right decision when ordering your promotional items. What is the purpose of the trade show? In most cases the true purpose of attending a trade show isn't to make any immediate sales or secure a long term client, but simply to get your name out there so you can use the weeks after the show to build your client list. Read More 

Two Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Copy Machine

Whether you own a business or simply work from home, a copier can play an important role in helping you get your job done.  The ability to simply push a button and generate multiple copies of documents or pictures is truly amazing.  However, if your copier breaks down, you could find yourself in a very tough situation.  This is especially true if you really need to get some things copied.  Instead of waiting until you're in an emergency situation, use this information to learn more about the signs that it's time to replace your copy machine. Read More 

Professional Label Layout Design: How It’s Done

Before there were computers, there were graphic designers who poured over papers and card stock and used colored pencils or markers to create label layouts. While some graphic artists may still operate that way, it often does not translate well to printing services since printing services have also become digital. If you currently have need of a set of product labels for a new product, your labels will first undergo label layout design via computer. Read More