The Ultimate Screen Printing Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Screen printing is a popular and versatile form of printing that can be used for everything from T-shirts to business cards. If you're looking to get into screen printing or want to learn more about it, this guide is for you. Here's an overview of how screen printing works, what you need to get started, and some of its benefits. What Is Screen Printing?  Screen printing is a printing technique in which ink is pushed through a stencil onto fabric. Read More 

Single Or Double Labels On Your Bottles? Pros And Cons

The product labels on your bottles are an important part of not only convincing customers to buy them but also providing required and useful information. But should you use one single label or multiple? The answer depends on several factors. Here are a few of the pros and cons of both single and double labels. Pros and Cons of Single Labels Likely, the biggest upside to using just one single label on any product is reduced cost. Read More 

What To Expect From A Managed Print Environment

Printing at the organizational level is often charitably considered a major challenge. One way to overcome these difficulties is to adopt a managed print services model. What should you expect from a printing management system, though? Third-Party Support The central concept of the managed model is that a third-party services provider will assess your organization's needs. Likewise, they will determine how much of the existing printing architecture is usable and how much they need to replace. Read More 

How To Get Awesome Results When Ordering DTG Printed Shirts

DTG printing has allowed t-shirt manufacturers to make printed t-shirts much more easily. Instead of printing the text and images on some sort of transfer paper, they can print the text and images directly on the garment. (DTG, after all, stands for "direct-to-garment.") With more t-shirt companies offering this service, you might be thinking of ordering some DTG printed t-shirts yourself. How do you ensure they come out looking awesome? Well, you can start by following these tips. Read More 

Top Things You Should Know About Hardcover Book Printing

There are printing companies that specialize in printing hardcover books. If you're an author who is ready to release your book to the world, then you might want to learn a little more about hardcover book printing. Even though you might not be new to writing, you might be new to the book printing process. If this is true and you are interested in hardcover book printing, these are the top things you'll probably want to know. Read More