4 Tips For Designing Better Business Cards

While many business owners rely on the Internet for much of their advertising, business cards are still an essential thing to have. You can hand them out to friends and family when you start a new business, give them to people you meet in the same industry for networking, and send them with packages when a customer makes a purchase. The following tips will help you improve your business cards and have the best design possible. Read More 

2 Ways To Make Effective Direct Mail With Brochures

It is estimated that the budget for advertising in America saw an increase of 5.3 percent in 2014 to reach just over whopping $180 billion. Much of this money was invested into digital-related advertising and shows the growing trend of such media. However, the importance of direct mail should not be overlooked as it is suggested by researchers that tangible items that consumers can feel leave a more lasting brand impression on the minds of those you may be seeking to attract. Read More 

Preparing Your Picture File For Custom Hang Tag Printing

Custom hang tags are the perfect finishing touch for your clothing line. Printed with your personal logo and company mission statement, hang tags take your clothing from homemade to ready-to-sell. Beautifully printed hang-tags just make your clothing designs look finished and professional. Hang tags can also tell the story behind your clothes and what inspires your designs. A professional graphic designer will be able to prepare your hang-tags for printing. But if you are going the do-it-yourself route, there are a few simple computer tweaks to make your hang-tags print correctly. Read More 

Three Fun Ways Your Kids Can Make Use of Printing Services

A lot of times when people think of copy machines or printing services, they think of services for adults or businesses.  What they may not have guessed is that there are actually a variety of fun copy machine activities that kids can make use of!  Here are three fantastic and creative ideas for kids who want to have some fun with the copier. 1. Make a family or friends newsletter Read More 

Digital Printing Versus Screen Printing: Which Is Right For Your Project?

Choosing the right printing method is an essential part of getting the results you desire when printing everything from business cards to vinyl wall decor. By taking the time to explore both the pros and cons that come along with digital printing and screen printing processes, you will be able to determine which of these printing methods is best suited to the particular needs of your upcoming project. Digital Printing Read More